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The « GOCTA » machine is a mobile, full stainless steel, industrial harbour bagging machine.


Model available in 100 t/h : Gocta DC100S

Model available in 50 t/h : Gocta DC50S


Its two-stage configuration saves space in the port.

The upper floor contains the hopper, the generator, the compressor and the high precision 18/22 grams per bag dosing machines.


As for the lower floor, it juxtaposes two production lines containing the bagging head, the sewing benches, the sewing machines as well as the displays that control all the programs.


These enable the raw material to be received and the bag to be closed. Once the bag has beensewn, it is going on a shoulder lift to allow the bags to be adjusted on the transport vehicles.

More informations about the GOCTA DC100S :

Download the spreadsheet (FR)

More informations about the GOCTA DC50S :

  Download the spreadsheet  (FR)

More pictures about our bagging machines :

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