Blenders "top open" and "top closed"

Blender "Top open" :


 The stainless steel "top open" blender is mounted on a precise weighing system with 4 load cells. This one-piece blender can be filled directly from the top. The weight is controlled by a digital display.


Capacity 25 to 35 t/h per 6m3 batch.



Download the spreadsheet (FR)

Blender "Top closed" :


The "top closed" blender is a closed silo version made of stainless steel.


It is equipped with a conical mixing screw, a high performance motor with slow rotation (40kw) which respects  the quality of the fertilizer, a weight display and a weighing terminal. The blender is fed through the side opening, thus optimizing capacity and keeping the filling height low.

Download the spreadsheet (FR)

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